Online Giving

Monthly, Quarterly or Bi-Annual Online Giving

Online giving is an easy way to meet your Annual Pledge whether you wish to give your contributions monthly, quarterly or annually. Here are some reasons to consider using the online giving option:

Benefits to you:

  • A monthly giving plan is set up once, at the beginning of the year. No need to worry about meeting your Pledge for the rest of the year.
  • Charge your giving to your credit card. There are no transaction fees for charging these payments to your credit card and you may benefit from credit card points' rewards.
  • Control over receiving your Charitable Donations Tax receipts when you need them. Obtain your tax receipt each month or at the end of the taxation year. It’s up to you.
  • Reduce bank/postage costs. Online giving reduces the number of cheques, envelopes and postage used to send in your Pledge.

Benefits to the church

  • More precise budget forecasting and cash flow management. A large number of pledges are paid by cheque and are received during the Advent Season, i.e. the end of the taxation year. This makes it challenging to manage cash flow throughout the year, to accurately forecast income and to ensure that our financial commitments are honoured in good time.

Go to

  • find our church by searching for Lutheran Churches in Montreal and then click on our St. John's.  Be sure you have selected the correct "St. John's" !! OR use the link on our website

How Does Online Giving Work?

St. John’s works with Canada Helps, a company that specializes in providing online payment options to charities and non-profit groups that cannot afford to provide and maintain their own, secure online giving websites. Canada Helps receives your contributions online and deposits the contributions directly to the church’s bank account. Canada Helps provides this service to St. Johns Lutheran Church at a cost of 3.9% of monies collected on behalf of the church.

Because your contribution is paid directly to Canada Helps, Canada Helps issues an online tax receipt for the charitable donation. We count it towards your Annual Pledge, but it does not appear on your St. John’s Contributions Statement.  Any online donations are on the tax receipt from Canada Helps and not on your St. John's tax receipt.

Here’s an example of how it works based upon the Minimum Pledge (but don't be shy to go above and beyond!):

Pledge for a Couple or Family     (12 x $50 = $ 600 / year)

  • Canada Helps payment of $ 52.03 / month or, a total of $ 624.36 / year.  Includes the 3.9% fee which does not come to St. John's.
  • Tax receipt issued to you for $ 52.03 / month or, $624.36 / year.  Receipt is for the FULL amount you gave!
  • Amount received by St. Johns $ 50.00 / month.

Pledge for a Single Person    (12 x $25 = $ 300 / year)

  • Canada Helps payment of $ 26.01 / month or, a total of $ 312.12 / year.  Includes the 3.9% fee which does not come to St. John's.
  • Tax receipt issued to you for $ 26.01 / month, or $312.12 / year.  Receipt is for the FULL amount you gave!
  • Amount received by St. Johns $ 25.00 / month


Posted on March 17, 2017 .

La Cité Parking Passes for St. John's Members

Recently, the la Cité parking garage changed the type of discount passes that can be used at their parking garage.  As a result, the small ½-hour tickets sold to St. John’s members can no longer be used.  If you have the small ½-hour tickets, they can be exchanged at the Church Office for the new passes.

Posted on August 28, 2015 .